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​Brewery Creek Community Garden is a happy gathering of people who care for the earth and people by:

  • Growing food using regenerative practices

  • Valuing and supporting  the diversity of all human beings

  • Sharing knowledge and skills with each other and the broader community


Our Aims

• implement  gardening practices that leave a positive impact upon this earth using the  practices  and design features of regeneration
• practice appropriate technologies to increase productivity and fertility of the soil and the fruits, vegetables, trees, and flowers grown
• increase the biodiversity of plant life of this earth within our garden

• build a spirit of co-operation, consultation, community pride and achievement
• encourage community connections and understanding through meeting and socialising
• empower people through formal and informal learning with skills and knowledge of regenerative design practices

• support the growth of similar gardens within “Urban Diggers” especially through the provision of information and resources
• share knowledge and skills with the broader community through workshops and information days and casual conversations
• share surplus


...or in plain English

Nurture and value all life.  Respect self and others.
Live on a bit less and share more.
Laugh, talk, share, and have fun.
Take Personal Responsibility.

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